What We Do
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We Listen. We Advise. We Deliver.

Our search process starts with listening to our clients and understanding their needs. We then offer our expertise, strategy and perspective—and recruit candidates who are game-changers and difference-makers.

  • Executive Search
  • Board Search
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Team & executive assessment

Executive Search

The Alexander Group has conducted thousands of executive searches spanning all functions and industries. In partnership with our sister firm, Alex & Red, we cover the full spectrum of management positions, from high-potential, up-and-coming middle management roles to highly sophisticated, mission-critical C-suite leaders.

We are more than search consultants; we are business advisors. Our guidance on organizational structure, position roles and requirements, and compensation has earned the trust of our clients and enabled us to forge enduring partnerships with them.

This is a key reason why organizations choose to continue working with The Alexander Group at a much higher rate than with other search firms. Eighty-five percent of our engagements are for existing clients, far exceeding the industry average.

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Board Search

Although every board is unique, all boards must have members who complement the board’s existing composition and enhance its ability to fulfill its fiduciary duty to shareholders. The Alexander Group has long excelled at identifying candidates who meet these criteria.

We also understand that as corporate governance standards rise, scrutiny of board performance will only become more intense. The process for finding and vetting suitable directors must be correspondingly rigorous. Clients rely on us to apply that rigor in attracting highly qualified and diverse slates of candidates—and to provide our time-tested advice and perspective.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Because the best, diverse candidates often aren’t on the market or on other search firms’ radar, we go outside the box to find them. This means identifying and building relationships with talented professionals today so we can recruit them for opportunities tomorrow. And in the case of diversity searches, we present only candidates who both reflect the unique composition of our client’s target market and complement the organization’s culture.

Our goal for every engagement: Find the best leaders who will produce the best results. We’ve met this goal for our clients time and again for nearly four decades.

Diversity inclusion

Team and Executive Assessment

The Alexander Group helps ensure our clients’ long-term success—and the success of the candidates we recruit—by incorporating assessments of leadership and cultural skills into the search process. Because chemistry matters as much as skills and experience, our ability to evaluate talent is meaningful only when we also can determine how candidates fit within an organization.

We offer these same assessments as a stand-alone workshop for existing teams, to coach them on how to interact to achieve optimal synergy and productivity. Our seminars empower teams to better cooperate, communicate and engage by highlighting the personal styles and preferences of each individual member.

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Global reach, personal attention

It’s an approach that builds long-term relationships—and mutual success.