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Ten Years of Advice, Insights and Amusing Anecdotes

The Alexander Group Celebrates Ten-Year Blog Anniversary with Top-Ten Most Read Articles

10 Year Blog Anniversary

The year was 2009 and social media was in its nascency. Twitter and Facebook were five years old, and Instagram did not exist. One of my colleagues, Sarah Mitchell (who always seems to sense a trend), suggested that the firm publish a weekly blog with authorship rotating among our team. The Alexander Group blog—now called Insights—was born, and this week celebrates ten years. That computes to over 300 articles on topics intended to tickle our clients’ fancies.

Our first blog covered advice for the college graduate seeking his or her first job—it was 2009, and we were knee-deep in a recession. Over the years, we have blogged on everything from executive presence, how a struggling company can recruit top talent, interoffice relationships, perks, diversity and other issues that affect hiring and careers. And occasionally we have diverted to write about business travel, bucket lists, house guests, holidays, 40th high school reunions, and personal stories of coping with the loss of a colleague, and of a parent.

I recently mused to Sarah (now a Director and a 22-year veteran of the firm), “Do you regret the idea of a weekly blog?”

“Only when it’s my turn to write,” Sarah jokingly replied, “but otherwise I’m thrilled.”

In honor of our 10-year anniversary, The Alexander Group is pleased to share our top-ten most read blogs.

#10 Ask and You Shall Receive: Four Great Interview Questions that get to the Heart of the Matter
by: Jane Howze

#9 Relocation & The Dual Career Couple: Does Moving Up Mean Moving Apart?
by: Brooke Kinert

#8 Tattoos and Piercings: Career Taboo or the New Normal?
by: John M. Mann

#7 Turning Down an Offer Because of Vacation Policy? Yep, It Happens.
by: John M. Mann

#6 The Exit Interview: I’ll Leave You with These Final Words
by: The Alexander Group

#5 Your Resume: Before You Press "Send"
by: Sarah Mitchell

#4 How to Interview for a Board of Directors Position
by: Jane Howze

#3 “I Know Lots of People" and Other Reasons Not to Become an Executive Recruiter
by: Jane Howze

This one hung on to the top-spot for years but only recently fell to number two; it is (pardon the pun) in second place “by a hair”.
#2 To Beard or Not to Beard?
by: James Irvine

And the number-one most read blog is…
#1 Still Want to Land that Corporate Board Seat? Here’s How
by: Jane Howze

With the introduction of a new website—officially launching next week—we are just getting started. And Sarah Mitchell has more ideas: “I wonder if we need to start a podcast? And I’m only 60% joking about that.”

Thank you for being loyal and enthusiastic readers of our weekly blog. Here’s to ten more years of advice, insights and anecdotes from The Alexander Group.

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