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More than a Pretty Face:

The Alexander Group’s Houston Office Showcases the Latest in Workplace Trends and Technologies

The Alexander Group has a new home. After nearly two decades in the Galleria area, we've moved our Houston office to a more modern, technologically enhanced building, located in the heart of the city between four of Houston's major city centers. Known as the Kirby Collection, this newly constructed, LEED Silver-certified property is already winning awards, having been recognized by the Houston Business Journal as its 2018 Landmark Award winner in the Mixed-Use category.

Flexible, Dynamic Workspaces

The days of the corner office are gone. The Alexander Group needed a flexible and dynamic space that gave our mobile workforce the ability to transition from the road to office to home. Rather than opting for the trendy "open office" concept (which studies have shown may actually make workers less social), our new workplace has collaborative meeting spaces and 18 offices with "hot-desking" technology. Our team can settle into any open office (there are no assigned office spaces), plug in, connect instantly to large dual 24-inch monitors and get to work. And Internet-based phone technology allows employees to make and receive calls from any phone in the office.

Biophilic Design

Americans spend a lot of time indoors: 87 percent of our day, on average, with an additional 6 percent in an enclosed vehicle. At the same time, growing evidence suggests that interacting with nature makes people happier and healthier. As a result, more offices are choosing to incorporate "biophilic design" in their spaces. Biophilic design is informed by psychological theories about the ingrained human need to connect with nature-people are less stressed and more productive in spaces that bring a bit of the outdoors inside.

Biophilic features at The Alexander Group's new headquarters include floor-to-ceiling windows that allow ample natural light, shown to boost alertness and productivity, and office views include green spaces and water features. Even sounds, smells, and textures inspired by nature can enhance wellbeing. The new office environment incorporates natural materials, textures and colors, such as hard woods and soft, nature-inspired fabrics.

Inspired Ergonomics

Improving workplace ergonomics is another workplace trend embraced at The Alexander Group. Ergonomics is about designing workspaces that not only promote productivity, but also improve workers' overall health and wellness. We've adopted workstations that include sit/stand desks that can be raised or lowered with the touch of a button, fully-adjustable office chairs and fully-adjustable dual-monitor displays.

Our new Kirby Collection offices also have a large kitchen with a coffee bar, and a separate lounge area with chairs and ottomans-comfortable enough for break time but structured enough to buckle down with a laptop for a change of scene and a great spot for employees to socialize or collaborate.

Top Technologies

In addition to hot-desking (a.k.a., hoteling) technology, the office also includes a large conference room with a touchscreen videoconference system; dual 60-inch, 4K-resolution monitors; ceiling-mounted, 360-degree microphones optimized for speech-intelligibility; and a high-quality voice modulating sound system.

To read more about office technology and its impact on talent attraction and retention, read "Genius Spaces" by Senior Research Associate Kyle Robinson.

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