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We look beyond the obvious

Sometimes, the best functional leaders come from outside a client’s industry or sector. At The Alexander Group, our consultants and acclaimed research team identify the crucial skills and experience needed to succeed, then look beyond traditional industry constraints to recruit candidates with the highest potential.

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Board of Directors

The Alexander Group has attracted well-qualified and diverse directors to its clients’ boards since 1997. Clients rely on us to identify those uncommon individuals who can complement their existing board, contribute functional and industry expertise, and effectively represent shareholders’ interests.

In an environment of increased regulation and stricter standards for corporate governance, it’s imperative that every board demonstrate a fair, thorough and professional process for selecting directors. Working with your board to understand its strengths, composition and challenges, we provide time-tested advice and perspective that can help you develop a rigorous, disciplined selection process.

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Chief Executive Officer and
Chief Operating Officer

The Alexander Group recruits high-impact leaders who build world-class organizations. Our experience in CEO succession spans three decades, virtually every industry and all regions of the world. We work with clients to identify those areas of focus critical to the company’s long-term objectives, then present candidates with complementary strengths and proven performance.

We leave nothing to chance and leverage every resource to deliver the best possible candidates. Our secret sauce? It’s our research, which comprises a nationally recognized staff of specialists, an extensive network of global contacts and the most robust database in the industry.

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Accounting and finance are in our bones. Our partners have deep backgrounds in commercial and investment banking. Because we know firsthand the multi-jurisdictional accounting, banking and securities environments in which CFOs and audit committee members must operate across the globe, we’re uniquely qualified to deliver candidates with the skills critical to our clients’ needs.

For more than three decades, The Alexander Group has recruited financial executives and board members—leaders who know their way around GAAP, GAAS, IFRS and SOX—for public and private companies, commercial and investment banks, venture capital and private equity, and professional services firms.

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Technology and Cybersecurity

Dynamic technology executives are the critical difference between successful, cutting-edge organizations and those struggling just to keep up. The Alexander Group has recruited these innovative leaders for three decades to all industries, including manufacturing, professional services, healthcare, financial services and energy.

We build out tech teams that lead the cybersecurity charge, create state-of-the-art systems and revolutionize operations. And above all, we deliver the talent that will execute our clients’ business plans and help them generate sustainable, long-term success.

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Business Development, Marketing and Communications

The Alexander Group recognizes that your brand isn’t just a label—it’s the embodiment of your mission and values, your products and services, your competence and reputation. We’ve recruited some 250 successful business development, marketing and communications executives worldwide to build and strengthen our clients’ brands.

Our searches begin with a thorough understanding of a brand’s components. Armed with this insight, we can focus our research on candidates with the knowledge, experience and storytelling skills—along with the cultural and interpersonal traits—to convey our client’s message not simply persuasively, but also in a way that distinguishes it from the competition.

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Human Resources/Talent Management

Talent management executives play a pivotal role in building an energized, collaborative and productive workforce: They develop the strategies and programs that attract and retain talent, and serve as the frontline champions for culture and brand.

The Alexander Group has completed more than 250 HR and talent management searches, identifying forward-thinking, creative leaders who can cultivate a thriving workforce. Many of our successful candidates later become longtime clients—a testament to our ability to build lasting relationships on both sides of the table.

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Legal, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

The Alexander Group has completed numerous successful searches for general counsel and chief compliance officers in both U.S. and global positions. Our work spans multiple industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, professional services, financial services, not-for-profit, retail and manufacturing.

Because the best legal and compliance professionals often aren’t listed in databases, we seek them out and get to know them, even if they’re not looking for a new opportunity. This proactive approach offers our clients a significant advantage, particularly in active job markets—they can meet highly qualified candidates who haven’t yet shown up on their competitors’ radar.

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Successful commercial leaders are a rare breed: Few executives have what it takes not only to define their company’s commercial vision and translate it into strategy, but also to execute that strategy and achieve robust growth in revenue and earnings.

When companies seek a visionary leader who can build and direct a world-class commercial organization, they call on The Alexander Group. They rely on us to identify and recruit candidates with the optimal mix of industry-specific experience; authoritative knowledge of marketing, sales and operations; and commitment to results.

Companies need commercial leaders who excel. We excel at finding them.

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Research & Development

Elite research and development executives are transformative leaders with an innate passion to disrupt the status quo—and then reinvent it. They’re dynamic innovators, continually building and advancing a rich pipeline of better, faster, novel solutions for a broad spectrum of needs.

The Alexander Group has a long and successful track record of recruiting these purpose-driven pioneers for Fortune 500 and emerging-growth companies. Our clients are in industries ranging from life sciences (biotech, pharmaceuticals, generics and medical devices) to consumer packaged goods, industrials and manufacturing.

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