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Susan A. Hunt

Susan A. Hunt

Director of Marketing & Communications

Ms. Hunt is a passionate champion of The Alexander Group brand. She articulates the qualities that make us unique in the marketplace and helps our consultants focus on those qualities so that we continue to deliver on our brand promises.

Ms. Hunt is a writer and marketer with 20 years of experience. Prior to joining The Alexander Group, she spent six years in Lagos, Nigeria, where she held various positions with an internationally led fundraising organization, culminating in her role as Chairperson. Before that, she served as Director of Marketing for the accident and health insurance product line at AIG American General.

Recruiting the best talent for world-class clients is our way of changing the world.
University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Science, Advertising
What do you love about your work?

I love working for a firm with a strong and clearly defined culture and mission. We are sincerely committed to excellence and take pride in our work.

What’s the highest compliment a client can give you?

When a client commends us for the very qualities that we feel differentiate us as a firm, then I know we are doing more than talking the talk. We are meeting our mission.

What’s the best piece of advice (personal or professional) you’ve ever received?

“Trust your instincts.”